We are… masters in pancakes

Have you tried Crêapan pancakes? If not, you are missing a treat that is enjoyed by millions all over the world. We have been making our crêpes and pancakes for more than twenty years and our tailored product range caters for all tastes.

We use our expert pancake and crêpe making skills to create a product for you of the highest quality with the same delicious taste as those made by our founder’s mum in her own kitchen. Recreating that home-made taste is something we achieve day after day.

… and more

Next to pancakes we are expert bakers of a variety of unique and tasty pizza and puff pastry dough products. These doughs make life easier for everyone by preparing the basis for healthy meals and gourmet moments.

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Dutch mini pancakes 'poffertjes'

Mini pancakes, or ‘poffertjes’ as the Dutch call them, are traditionally consumed as streetfood in Holland. 

Our Crêapan mini pancakes are authentically baked.