We are... masters in pancakes

Have you tried Crêapan pancakes? If not, you are missing a treat that is enjoyed by millions all over the world. We have been making our crêpes and pancakes for more than twenty years and our tailored product range caters for all tastes.

We use our expert pancake and crêpe making skills to create a product for you of the highest quality with the same delicious taste as those made by our founder’s mum in her own kitchen. Recreating that home-made taste is something we achieve day after day.

The beginnings

Jan was a farmer who sold some dairy products to shops and stores in the neighborhood.  At some point, about 20 years ago, he decided to add fresh pancakes to his range of products, since these are made of base ingredients like milk, eggs and flour. And of course because he loved pancakes himself! His reference has always been to bake pancakes as close as possible to his mum’s. Therefore he initially baked the pancakes in the way you would do at home, in ordinary frying pans. He created a setting in the attic of his farm with quite a number of gas cookers, with a team of people baking and flipping pancakes. But pretty soon he faced a challenge, because his pancakes became very popular and they hardly could keep pace with demand.

Then magic happened. Jan woke up at a particular morning after a short and restless night and took a shower to wake and fresh up. Standing under the shower he then got a vision. He kind of day dreamt that instead of water there was batter coming out of the shower head, spilling batter all over him. Looking at the shower head he got this idea of using the shower head to spray batter in frying pans in a controlled way, using just enough batter to bake a pancake that was not too thick and not too thin. In this way the baking was a lot easier and therefore more pancakes could be baked. This whole idea is still a key element of the baking process in our state of the art bakery. We spray batter in exactly the right shape and form on a moving baking plate. Now we make millions of pancakes, but the ambition still is to get as close to Jan’s mum’s home made pancakes as possible and have the last pancake tasting the same as the first one each and every day. And obviously the same applies to our typically Dutch diddy pancakes.


Our delicious pancakes and more

At Crêapan, we make pancakes and related products in all shapes and sizes, appealing to the local tastes of customers around the world. Plain, filled, or with a topping? Frozen or non-frozen? Round or with a special shape? In bulk, or Retail packaging?

Our delicious pancakes are always delivered in optimal condition and give a special twist to any meal, breakfast or dessert. We always work closely with our customers to get the most attractive business proposition in place.



Sharing our pancake expertise

Our business philosophy is to focus on building and maintaining partnerships. We work closely with all our retail and foodservice customers, who are based in many different areas around the globe, currently already in 40 countries and still expanding. By sharing our professional knowledge and applying our expertise, we help customers to develop the most effective branding strategy or private label approach, meeting any specific wishes. Our goal is always to develop the pancake category either through a brand, a fancy label and/or own label. With us you have a partner that not only talks strategy but also understands how an idea gets successfully implemented.



Interested? Let's connect!

If you’re curious about what Crêapan can do for you, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Alternatively, why not come and meet us at one of the many exhibitions in which Crêapan participate, in a variety of countries around the world! We look forward to meeting you!

+31 184 444 800 – INFO@CREAPAN.COM

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